Integrated manufacture of engine parts and small general-purpose components and single processing of hot forging, cold forging, machining, carburizing, grinding.


  • Forging and Pressing
  • Heat treatment
  • Machining
  • Heat treatment (Carburizing and Induction hardening)
  • Grinding
  • Assembling
  • Inspection

Forging and Pressing

Forging press (1,600t) 1
Air stamp hammer (0.5t - 1.3t) 4
Punching press (100t - 300t) 6
Billet heater (250 - 500kWH) 5
Cutting machine (100t - 300t) 3
Knuckle joint press (400t - 800t) 5
Shot-blast machine 5
Shot-peening machine 3
Bonding processor 1

写真:熱間プレスHot forging press

写真:熱間ハンマーHot forging hammer

写真:切断機Cutting machine

写真:300tプレス300t press machine

写真:800tプレス800t press machine

写真:630tプレス630t press machine

Products manufactured with those facilities

Heat treatment

Automated continuous normalizing furnace 1
Annealing furnace (batch type) 2

写真:焼準炉Normalizing furnace

写真:焼鈍炉Annealing furnace

Products manufactured with those facilities


NC Lathe 60
NC Lathe (bar feeder type) 2
NC milling machine 1
Vertical machining center 25
Specialty machine (including transfer machine) 103
Broaching machine (3t, 5t) 5
Hob machine 6
Thread rolling machine (6t, 15t) 20

写真:一体クランク加工ラインOne piece crankshaft machining line

写真:トランスファーマシンTransfer machine

写真:ロボット専用機Robotized specialty machine

写真:特殊クランク加工ラインSpecialized crankshaft machining line

写真:クランクピン加工ラインCrankpin machining line

写真:小型クランク自動加工ラインAutomatic small crankshaft machining line

Products manufactured with those facilities

Heat treatment (Carburizing and Induction hardening)

Induction hardening equipment (40, 80, 150kWH) 4
Carburizing furnace 5
Atmosphere gas generator 2
Tempering furnace 3
Cleansing machine 3

写真:浸炭炉Carburizing furnace

写真:焼戻し炉Tempering furnace

写真:高周波焼入装置Induction hardening equipment

Products manufactured with those facilities


NC cylindrical grinding machine (polygon grinder) 3
Cylindrical grinding machine (angular slide) 35
Cylindrical pin grinding machine 3
Cylindrical centerless grinding machine 2
Inner bore grinding machine 34
End-face grinding machine 7
Plain surface grinder 11
Honing machine 20
Rotary surface grinder 1
Super finishing machine 4

写真:自動外径研磨ラインAutomatic outer diameter grinding line

写真:自動内径ホーニングラインAutomatic inner bore honing line

写真:両頭研削盤End-face grinding machine

写真:外径研磨ラインOuter diameter grinding line

写真:平面研削専用機Plain surface grinding specialty machine

写真:内径研磨ラインInner bore grinding line

Products manufactured with those facilities


Assembly robot 2
Automatic super sonic washing machine 1
Hydraulic assembly press machine 8
High performance parts washer 1

写真:組立プレスAssembly press machine

写真:自動組立機Automatic assembly machine

写真:自動組付機Robotized assembly machine

Products manufactured with those facilities

Inspection equipment

3-D measuring equipment 1
Magnaflux detector 1
Rockwell hardness tester 6
Vickers hardness tester, others 8
Metallographic microscope 2
Surface roughness tester 4
Roundness and straightness measurement machine 1
All-purpose microscope 2
Shape measurement machine 1
Image measurement equipment 2

写真:三次元測定機3-D measuring equipment

写真:真円・真直測定機Roundness and straightness measurement machine

写真:画像寸法測定機Image measurement equipment

写真:金属組織顕微鏡Metallographic microscope

写真:形状測定機Shape measurement machine

写真:磁気探傷装置Magnaflux detector

Products manufactured with those facilities