Integrated manufacture of engine parts and small general-purpose components and single processing of hot forging, cold forging, machining, carburizing, grinding.

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Message from our presidentMESSAGE

Picture: Tetsuo Fujita President

We have a long history of making things.
From establishment of our business in 1914, we started as a blacksmith. Today, we have expanded our business with the integrated manufacture from forging, heat treatment, grinding and assembling.

As a manufacturing company, we keep changing, challenging in speedy way to enhance our competitive edges. We try to have global and flexible thinking in order to cope with the change of our environment. Also, we try to be a socially responsible company through our valuable products.

Tetsuo Fujita

Company overviewOUTLINE

Company name Fujita Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Foundation January 4, 1914
President Tetsuo Fujita
Fujita Iron Works Co., Ltd. 2-1-1 Kubo, Kakegawa, Shizuoka 436-0027
【Direct Line to the Accounting Department】
Kakegawa station: 10 minutes on foot (1.5km)
Kakegawa IC: 5minutes by car (3km)
West Factory 280-1 Okatsu, Kakegawa, Shizuoka 436-0037
Kakegawa IC: 10minutes by car (5km)
Capital 46,400,000 Yen
Employees 300
Annual sales 3,800,000,000 Yen
Business activities Transportation machinery and appliances manufacturing
Property area 40,200m²
Building area 16,500m²
Group company ・Daiwa Forging Co., Ltd. ・Fuji Metal Mold Co., Ltd. ・PT. FUJITA INDONESIA ・FUJITA VIETNAM CO.,LTD
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Company PolicyPOLICY

Company Creed

Harmony Responsibility Accomplishment

Corporate Philosophy

With our global perspective and flexible minds, We will make contribution to our society by making all the people involved happy through our products which meets demands of environmental changes.

Basic Policy

Continuous improvement on quality, cost, delivery and service.
Enhancement of the competitive edge.
From customers' satisfaction to our employees' satisfaction.
Growth together with local community.

Mid-term reform

Stabilization and enhancement of our domestic business. Full support for our overseas factories.

  1. 1.1. Cost reduction (Productivity improvement)
  2. 1.2. Work quality improvement (Safety, Quality, Efficiency)
  3. 1.3. Organizational activation (Education, Organizational reformation, various activities)
  4. 1.4. Customer satisfaction improvement (Solid mutual trust)

F Project

Thoroughgoing 5S and reliable quality

Find problems and solutions
Function and system in place to prevent problems.
Go forward! Everyday activities for not going backward.
Into the bright future
Be flexible!

C.C.C.30 Activities

Let's change ourselves! Let's change something!
Let's challenge!
Let's do it fast!
We aim to improve everything by 30%