Integrated manufacture of engine parts and small general-purpose components and single processing of hot forging, cold forging, machining, carburizing, grinding.

technologyCold forging

What is cold forging?

Cold forging is to press the metallic material by a press machine at room temperature without heating up the material. Merit of cold forging is its precise dimensions and smooth surface. Cold forging is suitable with automatization and we also make cold forging automatically.

As the metal flow follows the shape of a product, cold forging is excellent in terms of strength. There are various methods for cold forging, such as push out method, Getting out burrs method, sealing up method and so on. We use those methods to make cold forging for small crankshaft and gear.

Picture: Cold forging Picture: Cold forging Picture: Cold forging Picture: Cold forging

Technology of Fujita Iron Works

We have integrated manufacture from forging to all the other processing which can save the production cost and streamline some machining process. Also, we make forging suitable with automatization in terms of shape and productivity.
We have 200t - 800t press machines in order to meet requests from our customers for their parts. The metal flow of cold forging follows shape of the forging and is excellent in terms of strength.
We can do annealing and lubrication on the forging surface, which are necessary for cold forging, in our factory too.

Facilities used in Fujita Iron Works

Picture: Cold forging facilities

800t press

Picture: Cold forging facilities

630t press

Picture: Cold forging facilities

Shot blast machine

Picture: Cold forging facilities

200t press