Integrated manufacture of engine parts and small general-purpose components and single processing of hot forging, cold forging, machining, carburizing, grinding.

technologyHot forging

What is hot forging?

Hot forging is to heat the metallic material until it's color turns to red. Then, press the material in tooling by a press machine to make a shape. Under the high temperature, hot forging can be completed within few seconds. At the same time, hot forging gets high strength and high tensile quality.

We use forging press and air stamp hummer to make our hot forging.

Picture: Hot forging Picture: Hot forging Picture: Hot forging Picture: Hot forging

Technology of Fujita Iron Works

As we design our own metal mold by ourselves and our group company makes it, we can make new products or modification and improvement of molds in short period of time.
Since we make the mold up to precision machining, we can realize the total merit designing. Recently we make Titanium forging too. We offer quality products.

Facilities used in Fujita Iron Works

Picture: Hot forging facilities

Forging press (1,600t)
Punching press (200t)

Picture: Hot forging facilities

Air stamp hammer (1,3t)