Integrated manufacture of engine parts and small general-purpose components and single processing of hot forging, cold forging, machining, carburizing, grinding.

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Fujita Iron Works Co., Ltd is one of few companies, specialized in manufacturing parts, in the world. We have the integrated manufacture from tooling, hot forging, cold forging, heat treatment, machining, grinding and assembly internally.

Hot forging

Hot forging is to heat the metallic material until it's color turns to red. Then, press the material in tooling by a press machine to make a shape. Under the high temperature, hot forging can be completed within few seconds.

Cold forging

Cold forging is to press the metallic material by a press machine at room temperature without heating up the material. Merits of cold forging is its precise dimensions and smooth surface. Cold forging is suitable with automatization and we also make cold forging automatically.


Machining is to cut a part from the work object. We do machining with lathe turning, drill boring, milling, broaching. When we use lathe turning, we make the work object turns and put it to a cutting tool. This method is mainly used for crankshaft process.


Carburizing is to add carbon into the metallic material (mainly used for low carbon steel) in order to strengthen the surface. This process can increase durability. Carburizing itself is a preparation for hardening the metallic material and actual hardening is achieved through quench-and-temper process.

Grinding process

Grinding is a process to make the metallic surface smooth by whetstone. Other than using a whetstone, a film called paper-wrap is used for fine surface finish. By finishing the surface smoothly, friction can be reduced.